ClimateAi wins Agri-Investor’s 2021 Global Innovation of the Year

Inaugural Agri-Investor Annual Awards Recognize Climate Risk Startup’s Game-changing Enterprise Climate Planning (ECP) Platform as Agriculture Faces Escalating Climate Risks

4 min readMay 4, 2022

San Francisco, CA — May 3, 2022 — ClimateAi, leading supply chain climate risk platform provider, announced today that its Enterprise Climate Planning (ECP) platform was named the winner of Agri-Investor’s 2021 Global Innovation of the Year. This award recognizes the power of ClimateAi’s ECP platform, the only climate planning platform that can assess climate risk on specific business-critical dimensions, reliably forecast extreme weather from two weeks to four decades out, and offer actionable insights across a supply chain or down to a particular asset.

“As climate change accelerates, agribusinesses need to expect the unexpected, and our ECP platform helps businesses to understand imminent climate risks and leverage climate intelligence to stay ahead of them and capture new opportunities,” Himanshu Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of ClimateAi, said. “We’re proud to have developed the best-in-class climate risk platform for stakeholders across the agriculture value chain. This award confirms the need for a product like ours in the market.”

The Inaugural Agri-Investor Annual Awards spanned 31 categories, including 11 global brackets including Innovation of the Year, among others such as Institutional Investor of the Year and Deal of the Year. Agri-Investor received hundreds of nominations and hundreds of readers and industry stakeholders voted for the top sector standard-bearers in the months-long process. Agri-Investor is the leading global media and events platform for institutional investors, asset managers, advisors and operators focused on private investments in agribusinesses and agriculture globally. It covers areas including farmland, timberland, agriculture and food technology, food processing, storage, water, and more.

“For the first time, we take this opportunity to recognize the managers, investors and innovators who pushed the boundaries and had an excellent year in their respective fields across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific,” Agri-Investor wrote in the announcement.

“We’re proud to have developed the best-in-class climate risk platform for stakeholders across the agriculture value chain. This award confirms the need for a product like ours in the market.” -Himanshu Gupta, CEO of ClimateAi

Coming in first in Agri-Investor’s Global Innovation of the Year category, ClimateAi’s ECP platform ranks as the best-in-class new technology for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. The award shows that a growing focus on climate change is taking hold across the sector, at a time when it’s much needed — the recent United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report on the Impacts of Global Warming warned that the planet is already seeing the consequences of atmospheric warming of 1 degrees Celsius, with more frequent and severe weather, sea-level rise, Arctic sea ice melt, ocean acidification, land degradation and desertification, among other changes. These impacts threaten the entire food and agribusiness value chain that depends upon the natural resources and land that are vulnerable to the physical effects of climate change and other stressors. These are critical for food supply, energy, construction materials, ecosystem services, and livelihoods around the world.

For agribusinesses to sustain, they must anticipate and prepare for climate risks. ClimateAi’s ECP platform helps them to not only understand but also to adapt to this changing world. Our customers can optimize their supply chain management — from production planning to demand estimation to inventory management — as well as identify new locations for climate-smart expansions on long-term timescales. ClimateAi’s vertical SaaS solutions have helped more than 20 processors, producers, seed companies and agriculture finance leaders mitigate climate risk while substantially improving the profitability and sustainability of their operations with respect to climate change.

About ClimateAi

ClimateAi helps companies better manage climate risk with actionable intelligence to design and protect global supply chains. Leveraging proprietary AI modeling, ClimateAi delivers unmatched weather and climate predictions and conversion into business impact that set a new industry standard for accuracy, precision and scale. Headquartered in San Francisco, ClimateAi is committed to working with industry leaders to standardize climate risk assessments across supply chains to help businesses adapt and bring climate resilience to our global economy. Learn more at and follow ClimateAi on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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